Dear Author!


We would like to thank you once again for your participation at ISMSSE2021. Thank you for supporting our event by attending and contributing. We hope you enjoy the experience and we will also meet on the next edition of ISMSSE.

Below we provide you with some information about the possibility of publishing the full version of your article.


There are two options for authors to choose from:

1. Special Issues - articles for publication in special issues in journals:
Journal of Sustainable Mining (JSM) and the International Journal of Coal Science & Technology  (IJCST)- are selected and assessed by the ISMSSE Scientific Committee from among all those submitted. The selection is made on the basis of submitted abstracts, and then the authors are invited to submit a full version of the articles.

Please note that the Committee's work has just begun, and your article is also being reviewed.

2. Paid journals - when it comes to publication in paid journals, you can indicate yourself, ie either Archives of Mining Sciences, Energies and Gospodarka Surowcami Mineralnymi – Mineral Resources Management.


You can also indicate whether you want to exclude your paper from the pool of articles that will be selected by the Scientific Committee (and directed to special issues of the above-mentioned journals, i.e JSM and IJCST) and publish an article in paid journals, or you prefer to wait for the decision of the Scientific Committee. When you decide to choose a paid application, your abstract will be withdrawn from the assessment of JSM and IJCST- only previously unpublished materials can be sent for publication to the above-mentioned journals.

Remember that if your article is not on the list selected by the Committee (or it is selected but it drops out due to its non-acceptance by the journal), you can always choose to publish it in paid. So we encourage you to wait for the decision - it should be by the end of December at the latest.

Please also remember that in all cases one must conform to the requirements of the journals and that the journal makes the final acceptance for publication of the given paper.

If you wish to publish an article in one of these paid journals, please contact:

Organizing Committee of ISMSSE2021